Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Beautiful Day! 

We brought in the Christmas boxes, the decorations, and picked out a tree. Instead of a lot we decided to go out into the wild and we saw this tree we were captured. Amazed by something that we were not able to identify, I just knew that this has to be the tree.

This one had stronger roots but it was worth the work. Got it down and brought it home. Decorated with all of the lights and decorations and as we all stared and admired it there was something about it. Something was amazing about this particular tree but what was it. 

This tree was alive! We knew that, but very soon we would find out HOW ALIVE this tree really was.

This is a limited Edition piece i recently completed. He is nearly sold out so check out my webstore for more info or if your interested in adding him to your own personal collection.

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