Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Beautiful Day! 

We brought in the Christmas boxes, the decorations, and picked out a tree. Instead of a lot we decided to go out into the wild and we saw this tree we were captured. Amazed by something that we were not able to identify, I just knew that this has to be the tree.

This one had stronger roots but it was worth the work. Got it down and brought it home. Decorated with all of the lights and decorations and as we all stared and admired it there was something about it. Something was amazing about this particular tree but what was it. 

This tree was alive! We knew that, but very soon we would find out HOW ALIVE this tree really was.

This is a limited Edition piece i recently completed. He is nearly sold out so check out my webstore for more info or if your interested in adding him to your own personal collection.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Don't be discouraged by your art

    Don't worry if you think your art isn't good enough


    Its a sign that you are critiquing your own work and realizing you can do better.

     Remember when you were a kid and you thought every scribble was amazing and you would hang it on the fridge. When i was younger i thought i was awesome and could draw anything.

Its when you think its perfect and cant get any better that you should worry.

    Even the best artists look at their finished work and see something they could have done better. Now they don't stress over it or put themselves down, they strive to do better in their next piece. The use each one as a learning tool and pick up new techniques and knowledge with every piece of work they complete.

You do need to get started though.

 Sitting around and worrying or thinking wont change your results. Remember that it is through some of these mistakes or failures that you learn and grow.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Introducing a new inner demon, Meet Dilaniate

What happens when my most precious treasure is being torn? When my Heart is pulled in two separate directions? 1 side lies as a reminder of my past and the void of my true self, while the other flourishes.

Where does my heart follow?
Do i continue down this path of complacency?
Do i continue to walk this stale path of black and white?
Do i continue to pretend i'm happy and bury my true colors deep within?

or do i form new senses of these new experiences?
Do i allow them to bring color into my life?
Do i accept this new side of the world that i never even knew existed?

Do i let the blood pump and my color explode out of me 
do i let the blood stop circulating and clot up as i fade into the background?

Everyone has tough decisions to make in their life.
Sometimes the easiest one ins't really the best.
Make your own choices but make sure you always make them for YOU!

---Ali Korruption

Newest Member of the Inner Demons series 
When your inner feelings tear you apart in different directions and your not sure where to go or who to follow.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hiding behind our masks

We all wear masks everyday. We put on a face for what we want others to see........but is it really the same face as underneath?

Are we just trying to fit in? Trying to join the masses? Leeching off of others hoping that their smiles, their laughter, their joy will somehow infect our souls and suddenly ...... Poof .... we're all better.

What happens when that true face is drenched in sorrow and drowning in sadness. Why is it that each of us feels we must just bottle it up and hide it in the shadows. Why are we so concerned of the outside world that we feel we are alone in this and must fight it on our own.

The world was created as a community. A group of people that helped each other, But in today's world we have all grown apart. Each of us is connected to everyone else on the planet through technology but yet still hiding in the corners away from each other on this playground of life.

This is something that i have struggled with and still feel i do at times so it is okay. Do i need to make an impression or try to win someone over? Do i feel that i am just not worthy or good enough? Do i have a deep dark secret that i have hidden and am punishing myself for? These could all be very valid points. Points to which i do have an answer for you.

One thing i do know now though is this. We are not alone in the world and if you are willing to open up and reach out you will find a community. A group that is willing to rally behind you. If you just start to remove your mask and let that kin in you show himself then you will be free.

Don't let the mask consume you!
Don't rely on a piece of plastic to solve your problems!
Don't base your identity on a simple object

Tell yourself this

Who care if i am judged by the world
I don't want to spend my precious moments on the thoughts of shallow people.
I will let myself free, step outside the box of conformity and i will shine!

Don't hide behind your mask


The image above is from myself and my student Ali Korruption. The sweet tooth mask used was created by my friend Brandon at http://madsciencefxstudios.com/

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Keeping a Notepad ready (re-post)

A small but important tip for today is something small, but will have a huge impact for everyone out there. Artists of all trades and mediums should be doing this one.

Keep a notepad or paper handy. Ideas come to us artists at all hours of the day and usually not at a time when we are ready for them. Think about when you have the best ideas, they come when your working, or driving, or in the shower, most likely when you are not ready for them. Most of these ideas will come in a split second and then disappear like the wind blowing past. If you are not ready to grab it as it comes you could lose it forever. What works for me is to keep a notepad and pen on me at all times when i'm out and i keep one within reach when i'm working. In the middle of sculpting or painting a piece is when my mind sparks out most of my ideas so i always have something within reach.

Digital media works as well such as a app on your tablet or phone, but i feel writing it down is so much faster and easier to deal with. Also helps when my hands are covered with clay so i don't get my phone dirty.

Here is a quick pic to share of the notes i had from last week during one of my warm-ups. A mix of ideas, things i had to get done as well as items i had to get. All this from 1 hr of warming up.

Hope this helps and inspires you to capture your ideas before they fly away.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The importance of an honest critique - (re-post)

     One very important task that is constant during the sculpture process is critiquing your work. Be honest with yourself from early on in the process and dont be afraid to change things up or start over from scratch. If the piece you currently have in front of you doesn't have the correct structure or form it wont matter how long you take on the details and features, the piece wont be as strong. I have had a couple pieces that in the past i created life size busts but after 1-2 hrs in the shapes didn't seem right. It was easier for me to pull the clay and restart rather than try to figure out and fix the problem areas, and the pieces turned out better when i had a fresh new piece in front of me.

     The picture above is some of my mini-busts i have set aside that i like. In this case i do studies everyday to get warmed up and work on my techniques in this smaller scale. The ones i like i will work on further, but with me doing new pieces every week i have to judge each piece to make sure it makes the cut and is strong enough for me to spend my time and money on to complete the sculpt and make the mold.

So always remember to critique your own work with an open and honest mind. If the piece your working on doesn't give you a chill of excitement down your spine then somethings wrong. 
Figure out what it is and fix it or start fresh.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

All the Darkness in the World cannot put out a single candle

Have you ever read or heard a quote that was an instant hit? 
A quote that just spoke to you instantly? 
This here is a quote that spoke to us the moment we read it, both Alikorruption and myself.

"All the Darkness in the World Cannot put out a Single Candle"

Take a moment and read that quote! 
Let the words sink in and think about what it means to you.

Inside each of us there is a single candle that burns. Be it our passions, our dreams, our hearts, our spirit or essence. Describe it as you will but we all have it. At times it will be a small wick flickering and trying to stay alive. Other times it is like a torch that could light an entire city, so strong it even ignites the fire in others. It is a fire that we need to nurture and protect in order to survive.

All the Pain and Evil in the world will try to test you. How will you answer?

Now each of us goes through a certain set of obstacles and encounters blind spots through our life. The key to remember is to focus and rely on ourselves first to keep our fires burning. The world around us will try to test us, and sway our feelings, but we all have the strength to stand tall and decide how we will let it effect us. In every situation we will be given a choice of how we choose to react. Will you lash out or calmly decide on a plan of action. I wont tell you a right or wrong for any situation, just think about the person you are and what your decision will share about you. Also how will the outcome and consequences affect your flame.

Don't let the darkness in others INFECT You

 People will try to put you down because they don't have that passion you have. Others will not understand your flame or have not fed their own flame enough. Then there will be those that had the flame long ago and miss it so they will try to leech off of yours. Think of it this way the next time someone or something tries to get you down.

Shadows and darkness are just empty spaces that have not been lit or have burned out!

Keep your head up and your passions strong. 
Protect your own personal flame, feed it so much that it ignites those around you. 
Then take on this world and live the life you were meant to.

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