Friday, April 17, 2015

Introducing a new inner demon, Meet Dilaniate

What happens when my most precious treasure is being torn? When my Heart is pulled in two separate directions? 1 side lies as a reminder of my past and the void of my true self, while the other flourishes.

Where does my heart follow?
Do i continue down this path of complacency?
Do i continue to walk this stale path of black and white?
Do i continue to pretend i'm happy and bury my true colors deep within?

or do i form new senses of these new experiences?
Do i allow them to bring color into my life?
Do i accept this new side of the world that i never even knew existed?

Do i let the blood pump and my color explode out of me 
do i let the blood stop circulating and clot up as i fade into the background?

Everyone has tough decisions to make in their life.
Sometimes the easiest one ins't really the best.
Make your own choices but make sure you always make them for YOU!

---Ali Korruption

Newest Member of the Inner Demons series 
When your inner feelings tear you apart in different directions and your not sure where to go or who to follow.

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