Thursday, February 26, 2009

Figure drawing session

On tuesday i went to an open figure drawing session to try to get some practice. Here are some of the better ones, most of them i was trying to do gesture and quick sketches. It was good to draw from life and the model, but i could tell i was a little rusty. Hopefully i will be able to attend more of these sessions in the future. Next saturday march 7th DCAD is hosting another drawathon so i will be there hopefully getting more work done at a better quality. You never stop learning.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Creature Designs

It has been a little while since i posted so here is what i have been working on. Right now i am trying to work on a portfolio i can be proud of. I am trying to make one geared towards concept/creature designs and illustration. The only issues i am having right now is getting better at drawing female faces with expression and coming up with compositions. I have no issues with coming up with new characters and i can toss them into an environment, but really making them work and interacting with other characters or nature im lacking. So thats on the agenda for now. Here are some of the new works i have been doing, this first one is the cover to my sketchbook. Tell me what you think.

A creature concept that i did with no prior thought. I just attacked a blank page.
This is a robot character that i came up with. Here i did my usual method of just scribbling and making shapes with a marker or pen on tracing paper or copy paper.
Heres the rendering on good paper.
A female figure drawn from an image.
This concept started from an image of a dog. I have some reference pictures and i saw an interesting one of a dog. I am not sure what the breed was, but it was the brown ones with wrinkles.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here are some new works. I have been trying ot work on my concept art and character design. With these two new creatures i drew a bunch of small thumbnail sketches and then enlarged it and used the sillouette to base my creature.

Here is another ink sketch from my sketchbook