Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Don't be discouraged by your art

    Don't worry if you think your art isn't good enough


    Its a sign that you are critiquing your own work and realizing you can do better.

     Remember when you were a kid and you thought every scribble was amazing and you would hang it on the fridge. When i was younger i thought i was awesome and could draw anything.

Its when you think its perfect and cant get any better that you should worry.

    Even the best artists look at their finished work and see something they could have done better. Now they don't stress over it or put themselves down, they strive to do better in their next piece. The use each one as a learning tool and pick up new techniques and knowledge with every piece of work they complete.

You do need to get started though.

 Sitting around and worrying or thinking wont change your results. Remember that it is through some of these mistakes or failures that you learn and grow.

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Mike Tinsley said...

Thanks for this reminder! I do this all the time. And, I compare myself to others. Thanks for