Monday, August 31, 2009

New Creature Concept Designs

Here are a few new concepts i came up with. I am also currently working on a new mask project for my show coming up in a few weeks. These are all white and black pencil on paper.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monster mania con august 2009

Just got back from monster mania 2009. This year i had a booth to myself and overall had a great experience.

This is my original setup. It started this way on friday evening. By the end of the day and the weekend i put out a lot more masks covering the table.
Here are two of the newest masks i finished. The two aliens on the ends are my new favorite and i got a lot of good comments from people on them.

I got comments from being original with my designs. I spoke with Bob from, kreation x (pictured below), the guy in charge of the national haunters convention, guy in charge of monsterpalooza and a few others. I got my work out there and got some connections.

Here are some other interesting setups i saw this weekend.

Another sketch i completed while i was at the show, considering trying to make a t-shirt in the future.

This convention was great for me, i met some great people and did saw some people i already knew again. Here are a couple other artists i met with that i think do great work.

I am hoping to do more conventions soon i'll keep u updated.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Space Girl and alien creature

Space Girl sculpture. Here is the head i started in figure class off of Julia. I added the chest earlier this week and finished off her clothes. I added a top with some wrinkles and her hat, the two spots that stick out are for her pigtails which will be real hair.

This is a new alien bust i just finished. I made the mold and am currently casting it in latex.

I just finished both of these sculptures and am currently making a casting of both of them. Hopefully i will finish them and have them at the show this weekend. I have a table at monster mania, a horror convention in cherry hill NJ this weekend. So far i have been working hard trying to finish enough stuff for the show. If your in the area check it out i will be there showing my art. visit the site

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Female werewolf from figure drawing

Here is the finished sculpture for my wolf mask i started last week at my figure drawing session. The overall feeling is stronger in this version.

On tuesday i moved onto Julia. I brought some reference pictures of wolves and tried to get a likeness of her into a wolf. Here is the progress so far.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New female sexy bust

Here is a new piece i am currently working on. Two weeks ago i had Julia for a model and created the head for this character. Today i decided to add more of a chest and here is how it looks so far.

Here is the portrait from the model we had a week before last. I have gotten a little further, but am not sure where to go from here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New You Tube video

Here is a link to my first post on youtube. This was just to get the hang of things. I have currently recorded a couple quick sketches in clay which i will post as soon as i edit. Tell me what you think so far.

New portrait from figure drawing class

Here is a pic of my new sculpt from this weeks figure session. For this one i tried to do a creature or werewolf with some likeness to the model. I am currently trying to get my things together for the horror convention coming up in New Jersey so this is going to be a halloween mask for that. I am not happy with the front view of this piece. Still in progress we'll see what happens when i finish. Let me know your opinions.

Here is another little figure i just started working on. This figure is approx. 6 inches tall and i am using chavant clay. My idea here is to make a cute artist figure that will be blank. Then they can be painted special or they can be cast plain for a smooth look.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New demon mini bust

Here is a finished pic of my new sculpture. This is suppose to be a female demon. I started this one when i was on vacation with nothing special in mind. The head is finished and ready to be molded. I am now going to work on getting the horns right and then molding them. The head will be cast in latex and filled with foam. The horns will be resin and foam. Will let you see when i am finished.

My next sculpting projects are to finish my old ones and do some demos. Next tuesday i will have a figure drawing session with the same model as last week. Then the following week we will have Julia again, so my plan is to create two oversized halloween masks. I am going to try to do a male and female werewolf or creature in the middle of transformation. This way i will be able to get basic structure and likeness from the model and the creature from other references. Thats the plan lets see how it works out.