Monday, October 19, 2015

Inspiring images from Lisa Petz photography and Raw illusions studios

Every so often i come across work that just truly stands out and amazes me!

Some are from friends, some are from groups or pages i follow, and sometimes i just get lucky and see a random image that captures my attention. 
Take a look at these following images! How do they make you feel? Can you feel the emotions in the characters? Can you feel a sense of who they are?

I Can!

Every time i look at these images i feel a sense of a story hidden behind the picture. Something about them feels like there is more to the images then what is in the foreground in plain sight. Something magical hidden behind the scenes. The stories that could be create with each one of them really inspires me and my imagination. Just staring at them a mystery forms in my mind as it try's to juggle together the pieces of the story. Take a look at all the subtle poses and angles that are captured.

This is an amazing collaboration between the make up of  Raw Illusions Studios and the creative vision of Lisa Petz photography.

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Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below letting me know what you think, do any of them move you?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Do you work for 8 hours?

Do you work for a full 8 hours or are you just filling up 8 hours?

Most creatives claim that they don't have enough time, but do they use the time they have wisely? Are they setting their own deadlines? Are they weeding out the unneccesary tasks of the day?

Most will answer NO. Think about a full 8 hour shift at your day job. Your filled up and busy the entire time. You think your slammed right? But then something happens and an emergency comes up and you are going to have to leave 2 hours early. You know this ahead of time so you plan for it and you don't rush but you try to get everything done. This is when something amazing happens and somehow everything you had planned for your 8 hour day get completed in 6 hours.

Ever have this happen before?

We tend to overthink things and all the thinking takes up so much time. We imagine our tasks will take much longer then they actually do and your days get filled with fluff. We end up thinking so much that the thoughts actually take longer than the action.

Take some time and track how long tasks really take you. Create deadlines for yourself so you have an endgame to work towards. Stop thinking about the task and just jump in! and remember this works for all areas of your life not just your work or your art. 

I personally spent at least 5-10 minutes thinking about and planning when i was going to go online to fill out a tax form. I went on the site and wasn't sure where to go so i told myself i would check back later. Then i decided i needed to get it done, i went in thinking i will just figure it out and get it over with. The entire process of figuring it out and finding the page took maybe 3 minutes.

Your time is important, Use it wisely.

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