Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Analysis Paralysis has found me!


 No! He has found me again! I don't know how or where he found a crack but he has snuck back in!
He is here, I cant see him, but i can feel him. That feeling of anxiety and fear. The dizziness and sens of being lost but still continuing to run in circles as fast as i can. Like a chicken with his head chopped off!

     My analysis paralysis has got into my mind and has tried to drive me crazy. Having me overthink every little task and every action. Making me think in circles trying to find a method to my own personal madness. Its like trying over and over again to find the number 3 in the alphabet and wondering why there are are no numbers in there.

     Have you ever had this issue? He tries to confront me on almost a daily routine. The best thing I have learned to do is to accept him and be aware of him. I just start doing something, start moving so you don't think yourself to death. For me i can even just start sculpting something small. A simple ball shape will change the focus and will unlock my thoughts from my mind and then the ideas will begin to flow. Its like when your trying to force the ideas to come and you come up with nothing. Then later on taking a walk all of the sudden the ideas are just there. Its a simple switch that takes courage to turn on and off and to train you thoughts. There will be some tougher times than others, but it isn't impossible.

Don't let this demon take you over
Keep you thoughts in check and get Moving!

Thank you for reading,

My Inner Demons collection has been given a new life more demons are on the way!

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