Monday, September 14, 2015

Waiting for some inspiration to strike?

Are you waiting for that spark of inspiration to strike?
Are you waiting for this magical dust to sprinkle over your life?
Are you waiting for the planets to align so that you can be surrounded by greatness?

     It wont happen if you are just sitting around and just dreaming! Just thinking about it over and over again and trying to re analyze the idea and situation.

     Don't wait for inspiration to come, seek it out and acquire it! Inspiration comes when you do, not when you think about it. Get energized and excited by doing and creating.

     Get started and use that fuel to not only capture those amazing ideas, but to also execute on those amazing projects and bring them to completion.

     My ideas come to me when i work. I keep my notepad handy as a net so nothing gets past and escapes me. Get excited by your creations and keep pushing forward, but most of all just Do!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

I have been infested by Demons!!!

     Have you ever had a demon infest your soul? 

An inner monster that has clamped onto your heart and has even multiplied! Its own little spawns start running to every corner.

A creature you try to fight but some how it keeps coming back.

     One of my biggest enemies over the years has been procrastination. This thing has pulled my productivity to a halt. Have you ever tried to deal with your own procrastination demon? They are tricky little  beasts! I have captured my own, I put my focus on him and worried so much. I put myself in a state of hurting until i finally caught him. With my hands holding him down tight.

I thought I won!

     Then as that evil little thing looked at me he looked directly into my eyes, he cracked an evil smile and even let out a little chuckle.

And that was when it hit me! 

In my own pursuit of destroying my procrastination i focused so much on not procrastinating that i procrastinated and lost sight of my life.

Round 1 goes to Procrastination

     This is but a learning experience on my timeline of life. Just a single battle in the war of life. I have learned that everyone has their own little variations and masked creatures and versions of procrastination, they are impossible to completely destroy!

     This is a daily battle and will always be. Something we must learn to stand up to and hold our ground.

Keep Pushing and don't let him get the best of you. You have a full team of support, all you have to do is call on them!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How strong is your love for the monster?

     In this world there are none of us that are truly perfect!

      Each of us is our very own creature created and formed from our experiences. Different pieces are stitched on  and glued as we grow and learn new things. This is also true when you find that special partner, that one you feel is your other half and make you whole. Nobody is perfect and if they somehow seem to be you should run. These beings are just burying their ticking time bombs deep within their soul, hoping that it doesn't explode. A leaking toxin that is slowly infecting their heart.

      Real partners will love and embrace your scars. There can be wounds and deep cuts, even a few infected areas, but the bonds and stitches between you will hold strong. Keeping those areas stable and even working magic on those incompatible pieces. The stitches that hold you together should be stronger then all the troubles in the world.

Keep embracing and loving each others scars and evils. We all have an ugly side! Are you willing to accept it in each other? And are you able to let it out and shine without being judged and ridiculed?

Each of us has our own monster within!
Accept It! Embrace It! and love the monster in others!

Here is my newest monster from the heart "Embrace Your Scars". An example of classic horror love! Please let me know what you think and if you would be interested in seeing my style tackle the series of classic monster love?

This piece is now available for you to own and hang in your very own home. Available as a painted customized kit or a blank for you to put your own soul into. He will be up in my store shorty, please contact me if your interested.

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