Friday, October 10, 2014

Goals are dreams with deadlines. These are mine for the month

Goals are dreams with deadlines

     Everyone always thinks and talks about living out there dreams and living their life to the fullest, but most don't have the drive or desire to plan it out. They wont create a deadline or hold themselves accountable for reaching their goals. They are hoping that one day the stork will deliver it to them in a fresh hankerchief.
     Personally i have found myself being lazy and slacking at times. Some of the time it was for good reasons like being sick or overworked, but i will admit that most was because i didn't feel like doing something or was being lazy. I know this and have come to terms with it. These are experiences to learn from and grow instead of dwelling on them for all eternity as i sink into a deeper hole. I encourage everyone reading this to not only chase your dreams but to also come up with a game plan or strategy that allows you to catch your dreams with both hands and succeed in life. The #1 thing is to not give up and keep pushing forward.
     Here i am going to share with you a few of my current goals and ideas so that i myself can be held accountable.

  • I want to work on staying on schedule and meeting my goals as far as staying on track and working the hours i have carved out
  • In my schedule for the month i started adding hrs for my projects to get them accomplished and this month i am going to test out how it worked. I am stretching myself like a rubber band but not so far out of reach that it snaps.
  • My website and webstore will be getting updated and changed to encorporate an all in one view.
  • My email list will be back on track. My fear of this is having a Im back email and then fall off the grid and get lost again
  • I am more of a concept guy and 1 thing i need to work on is creating stronger characters that i am more attached too by creating stronger stories and characteristics. I can throw out a dozen great different characters but i need to work on that trait from the other type of concept designers where they can take 1 character and come up with a dozen ways to make him better. 

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