Saturday, February 18, 2017

Every Creative Adult is a Child who has survived or been rescued

   Each and every one of us is born as a child and grows up. A beautiful mind that is loaded with creativity and an unlimited imagination. A magnificent world that has no walls or barriers. A world that is tied so strongly to their own heart that they use it every moment of the day to survive. This gift helps them grow and learn and lets them be themselves as they create their own version of the world.

      Then something called life happens. This world, this society, the lost souls that inhabit it. We find ourselves surrounded as they try to chip away at our gifts and who we are. Some of us are not strong enough to hold onto our sense of wonder or some choose to give in. Some are tricked into feeling like they don't have a choice. The society and demons that inhabit it poke holes in our tanks and our essence leaks out. It leaks until the tank is almost empty and we lose ourselves to a machined clone made to fit into the society. The creativity is stripped so silently and skillfully that we don't notice the slow trickle that has been leaking for years.

     Then by the chance of a strong emotionally force some of us re-discover what we have lost. We don't know how or why, but somewhere in our life we just seemed to change. We remember being fun and creative as a child and then it just seems you fast forwarded to a hardcore adult. The loss was so subtle that you cannot place a specific time or event. It just blew away little by little. Almost like you believed it was an hour glass and when your sand was gone it was gone for good.

     I am here to help you re-discover your creativity. Don't let the demons of this world sink their claws into you! Don't let the beliefs of this society hold you down and force you into the conveyor belt of adulting!

     Be yourself, create magnificent dreams inside of your mind and then go after them. Imagine dreams that are so out there that fantasy authors are blown away. Take your first step today and make the decision to take control of your imagination and find that inner child that was lost so long ago. He or She has been trapped in those deep caves all alone for so very long. Just sitting and waiting for you to find them and bring them back into the light. Jump in and rescue your inner child and reconnect with your creativity and true self.

 I will be here to welcome you to the true world.

Thank you for reading,

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