Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hiding behind our masks

We all wear masks everyday. We put on a face for what we want others to see........but is it really the same face as underneath?

Are we just trying to fit in? Trying to join the masses? Leeching off of others hoping that their smiles, their laughter, their joy will somehow infect our souls and suddenly ...... Poof .... we're all better.

What happens when that true face is drenched in sorrow and drowning in sadness. Why is it that each of us feels we must just bottle it up and hide it in the shadows. Why are we so concerned of the outside world that we feel we are alone in this and must fight it on our own.

The world was created as a community. A group of people that helped each other, But in today's world we have all grown apart. Each of us is connected to everyone else on the planet through technology but yet still hiding in the corners away from each other on this playground of life.

This is something that i have struggled with and still feel i do at times so it is okay. Do i need to make an impression or try to win someone over? Do i feel that i am just not worthy or good enough? Do i have a deep dark secret that i have hidden and am punishing myself for? These could all be very valid points. Points to which i do have an answer for you.

One thing i do know now though is this. We are not alone in the world and if you are willing to open up and reach out you will find a community. A group that is willing to rally behind you. If you just start to remove your mask and let that kin in you show himself then you will be free.

Don't let the mask consume you!
Don't rely on a piece of plastic to solve your problems!
Don't base your identity on a simple object

Tell yourself this

Who care if i am judged by the world
I don't want to spend my precious moments on the thoughts of shallow people.
I will let myself free, step outside the box of conformity and i will shine!

Don't hide behind your mask


The image above is from myself and my student Ali Korruption. The sweet tooth mask used was created by my friend Brandon at http://madsciencefxstudios.com/

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