Friday, April 3, 2015

All the Darkness in the World cannot put out a single candle

Have you ever read or heard a quote that was an instant hit? 
A quote that just spoke to you instantly? 
This here is a quote that spoke to us the moment we read it, both Alikorruption and myself.

"All the Darkness in the World Cannot put out a Single Candle"

Take a moment and read that quote! 
Let the words sink in and think about what it means to you.

Inside each of us there is a single candle that burns. Be it our passions, our dreams, our hearts, our spirit or essence. Describe it as you will but we all have it. At times it will be a small wick flickering and trying to stay alive. Other times it is like a torch that could light an entire city, so strong it even ignites the fire in others. It is a fire that we need to nurture and protect in order to survive.

All the Pain and Evil in the world will try to test you. How will you answer?

Now each of us goes through a certain set of obstacles and encounters blind spots through our life. The key to remember is to focus and rely on ourselves first to keep our fires burning. The world around us will try to test us, and sway our feelings, but we all have the strength to stand tall and decide how we will let it effect us. In every situation we will be given a choice of how we choose to react. Will you lash out or calmly decide on a plan of action. I wont tell you a right or wrong for any situation, just think about the person you are and what your decision will share about you. Also how will the outcome and consequences affect your flame.

Don't let the darkness in others INFECT You

 People will try to put you down because they don't have that passion you have. Others will not understand your flame or have not fed their own flame enough. Then there will be those that had the flame long ago and miss it so they will try to leech off of yours. Think of it this way the next time someone or something tries to get you down.

Shadows and darkness are just empty spaces that have not been lit or have burned out!

Keep your head up and your passions strong. 
Protect your own personal flame, feed it so much that it ignites those around you. 
Then take on this world and live the life you were meant to.

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