Friday, August 29, 2014

My Alter-Ego

What is your Alter-Ego? 
This is mine and the story behind the name.
Welcome to Alter-Ego-Dezines

     The original idea came to me a while back sitting and thinking about my work. At times I would have the same issue as so many of us artists out there. 
  • What should i draw? 
  • What should i sculpt? 
  • What character or creature can i bring to life? 

These were the issues that spawned an entire new way of creating. I realized that i was thinking way too much with my logical brain and not letting any air to my creative being. My works were being filtered by a very judgmental organism. Draining the juices so much from my ideas that they would begin to dry up. How could i get past this barricade and break down the gate?
 Well this is simple, just turn of your brain right? Easier said than done! but i did begin to think less about the projects as i began them. I would start with a ball of clay and just jump in. Letting my creative creature out without any blinders on and free to roam wherever he wished. As the clay began to move and new forms began to appear i would see the character being born. New ideas would arise and from that their story and being would develop. Like a child growing up, you keep seeing new characteristics and traits that dig deeper into their personality.

This is where my Alter-Ego came from. Now when i work i try to get myself into another place, lose the worries of the world and the troubles around me, drift into my own special place and create from deep within my own subconscious. I don't worry about what am i going to make or what should this look like, i do my best to turn off my brain and just let my creativity flow.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

First 2 Inner Demons finished.

Here are my first two demons completed. Two creatures that are constantly lurking in our shadows and hiding on our shoulders whispering in our ears.

Here are their stories. Read through them and let me know what you think.

Both of these demons are now available with any color variation. Each one will also include the character card to display and help you face your own demons.

Thank you for reading!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Thinking outside the box

Are you trying to create something new and original?
     Think outside the box and create something from your imagination. Dig deep into who you are as a person and what it is you are inspired by. Look around yourself, take inspiration from the world around you and use the creatures already around us as a starting point. Start here and then work in your own characteristics, expression, and style. Also you can take a step outside the box and do something totally imaginative. Just start with some crazy ideas and shapes until they start to form something. Don't think as you create, just let your subconscious release its thoughts.
     When i do my free form clay sketches i don't think i just go. I start with my ball of clay and just dialing in shapes. I keep going until something starts to show and i follow it. If it doesn't turn out or i change my mind i just alter the sculpt and move forward. In the end you get an idea out and visualized.

Below are a few examples

This guy was created for a collector based off a few ideas - creature, Halloween, pumpkin, candy corn teeth

This piece was inspired from a fennec fox

 These next two were inspired by Cliff Wallace works and just starting with different shapes to see what comes out.

Finally this "kid in me" piece was based on a portrait and my love for Halloween and horror 

Don't stand in line trying to fit into normal. Be your own person and create your own creations from the heart

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Introducing my Inner Demons

Here is some progress on my New Inner Demons line. This is an idea i have been thinking about for a long time, these are two of my personal demons. I feel that everyone has their own personal demons, bad habits, or things they would like to get rid of or improve upon. Its part of being human, we are consumed with flaws. Differences are what set us apart and make each one of us individuals. Each one of us choose how we handle what is thrown our way.

First up is my Analysis Paralysis demon and my Procrastination demon. Two evils that have been lurking in my subconscious tempting my actions and persuading my thoughts. These two creations were created as monuments that i can face. Demons i could stand face to face with, no longer chasing their shadows and hoping to catch up. Now i can stare the monster in the eyes and overcome my obstacles.

Both of these guys have been finished and i am currently molding procrastination.
I will have painted pics to share soon. Let me know what you think, comment below

Friday, August 1, 2014

Calling it Finished! - Know when to stop

     Sometimes you just need to call it finished and move one! It is entirely up to you to decide when a piece is finished and how far you want to take it. Without a deadline you could continue refining a piece for months even years. I have seen quite a few students and artists work on a piece forever, it is my belief that sometimes you just need to move on.
     You might do a portrait and the likeness isn't quite right, you can keep altering the features and the structure over and over again for all eternity. For example, i know a friend that had been working on portrait on and off for about 4 years now. Over the four years she could have created multiple pieces with different expressions or styles and each would be up to date with her current skill level. Instead she continues to adjust the features chasing a perfect likeness. My opinion is to do a study and focus on the features that aren't working. Do a bunch of quick studies spending about 1-2 hrs each. Then compare your piece to images and do an overlay in the computer to compare. I have learned that moving the clay around is what helps you learn. Working over and over again in one area there is minimal clay movement and less learning experiences.
     Another thing to keep in mind is the piece itself and what it is being used for. If you are going to cast in a material that wont hold fine details don't spend all your time refining skin textures. I have pieces that i sculpt for my monster balls, they are cast in a skinning foam that picks up detail but it isn't perfect. This wouldn't be a project i spend hours on for textures that are not going to be strong and stand out.
     There is a certain level of perfection and finishing but you need to create a deadline and know when to put the piece down and call if finished. Only then will you be able to grow and move forward on your artistic quest.

Thank you for reading, hope this helps.

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