Monday, August 24, 2015

Some inspiration, unfiltered and let go

      It is OK to be human. I have been given a gift and this gift must be shared with the world. Are you going to be selfish and keep it to yourself? Or let the evil in to distract you from where you are suppose to be going? Are you willing to let this failure derail you from your true goals and passions?

Or are you going to use it as a spring board to catapult farther. Jump into the future with big beautiful wings that will carry me for generations. So strong and unfaltering that even the most powerful demons cannot touch me. A force so strong it creates thunder and shock-waves across the earth. An amazing event and movement that touches the hurts of this world. I will do better.

I will become the best person i can
I will not waste my god given talents
I will not be temped by demons
I will not be consumed by fear
I will hold my head up tall and stand my ground
I will become the person i was meant to
I will chase my dreams and i will keep fighting
I will become ME!
and i will NEVER allow myself to be someone else!

Each of you is an original that cannot be duplicated. Don't settle for anything less than that!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

We will be on the road again soon! If your in the area check out these upcoming shows.

A fun convention in NJ, lots of artists and tons of artwork and model kits. Check out Jerseyfest

Another amazing Convention in Indianapolis, IN  - Mask - Fest is a collection of talented artists compiled and stuffed into a single room of awesomeness.

Me and Ali Korruption will be hanging out and revealing some new works. I will also be sculpting live at both shows with some new works and designs.

Even if your not in the area tune in and follow me on periscope (follow alteregodezines) and i will be doing some walk through's and live broadcasts from the show floor.

Don't Miss them!!!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

My Own Personal Frankenstein

     It is OK. 
I am a broken man. 
A group of pieces that have been stitched together to create a whole.
 A creature that has been built. 
Small bits of flesh added here and larger bones added there.

Is this a disgusting figure?

No this is a beautiful creature! 
This is simply me deciding who I am currently. Taking the sections of the bone that are poisoned and replacing them with stronger and more healthy bones. I do not want to be a fake or a show off by replacing with a platinum or silver bone. I have no interest in becoming something i am not. i will not be a person that i was not created to be.

     I will constantly be learning new things and i will be on the look out to better myself on a daily basis. Every new skill or learning experience will be a new section that i will add to myself. A new section to stitch on and connect. Every new day will be a new day for me. I will keep my head to the clouds and my eyes past the stars. The universe will show me the way as well as enlighten me as i continue to grow. I will continue on my own journey and creating my own path. I wont follow in footsteps but rather create my own and become my own leader.

Keep pushing forward and always strive to be yourself and the best version of yourself!

please leave a comment and let me know what you think and what you would be interested in hearing in the future.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

On the Path to Consistency

      I am on my own personal journey, a path towards improving myself and becoming the best i can be. One of the biggest things i am working towards at this moment in my brand is consistency. I can get things done when they need to be completed, but for some reason after i get things set up and planned i run into problems. I will do the first 1 or 2 and then the trail seems to get blurry and go cold before it disappears all together. Now personally my biggest issue is marketing and emails, but people struggle with this in all areas of life. My problem mixed with my very analytical mindset i have developed my own personal system and schedule. I have set up my time to be structured and  a set of checklist to be crossed off.

Here is how most people think their road to success looks like ...

a clear path set in black and white with a clear destination in sight.

Then they get overwhelmed when the actual road they need to follow looks like this ...
OR This ...

Filled with curvy windy roads, big hills, small bumps you don't see until you hit them, and sometimes even fog and unflattering scenery.

     Most get lost immediately and abandon their dreams. However the biggest and most important puzzle pieces i feel everyone needs to utilize is the mindset to accept change and to embrace it. FACE IT! sometimes this thing called "Life" happens. You have the choice of being hard and blaming yourself for not getting something done or forgiving yourself. When these things come up be flexible and just switch the task to a new day or time frame, maybe stay later. The key is to acknowledge that you are in training and that you are working towards perfection.

I will constantly be learning and incorporating new things. My system will change over and over again. Take some time and appreciate you. Your own road to growth and sometimes you have to make a few pit stops before you get to your destination.

"Be Flexible on your Journey to your Future. Sometimes you have to make pit stops and slight detours, just never lose sight of your destination."

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to sculpt Faster!!!

"How can i get faster?"
a question i have heard quite a few times

"WOW you sculpted that in only a few hours!"
"Yes i did, but i also practiced for countless hours over the course of 10 years to be where i'm at."

I love it when some kids come up and ask how to sculpt faster. Like there is a special trick or pill to unlock the trick. Like maybe i spend extra hours at the gym so that i can move my arms faster!


I don't work quicker than i use to because my arms have somehow mutated and are now super-humanly faster then they use to be. I just learned my anatomy and forms so that i place the clay in the place it needs to be and i don't have to keep re working it. I have done the process over and over again so that its second nature and it helps to push the designs quicker. 

There is no magical tool or key to unlock speed and bypass hard work.

Stop thinking about it, START DOING!

Now go practice!!!

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