Friday, April 10, 2015

Keeping a Notepad ready (re-post)

A small but important tip for today is something small, but will have a huge impact for everyone out there. Artists of all trades and mediums should be doing this one.

Keep a notepad or paper handy. Ideas come to us artists at all hours of the day and usually not at a time when we are ready for them. Think about when you have the best ideas, they come when your working, or driving, or in the shower, most likely when you are not ready for them. Most of these ideas will come in a split second and then disappear like the wind blowing past. If you are not ready to grab it as it comes you could lose it forever. What works for me is to keep a notepad and pen on me at all times when i'm out and i keep one within reach when i'm working. In the middle of sculpting or painting a piece is when my mind sparks out most of my ideas so i always have something within reach.

Digital media works as well such as a app on your tablet or phone, but i feel writing it down is so much faster and easier to deal with. Also helps when my hands are covered with clay so i don't get my phone dirty.

Here is a quick pic to share of the notes i had from last week during one of my warm-ups. A mix of ideas, things i had to get done as well as items i had to get. All this from 1 hr of warming up.

Hope this helps and inspires you to capture your ideas before they fly away.

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