Friday, November 16, 2007

Some new stuff

Here are a few new things I just finished. There is a relief sculpture of one of my characters and also some fast sculptures of animals I worked on.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My latest creature

These pics are a few i took during the sculpture process as it was progressing.

Here are some pics of the finished sculpture. I have made the mold for this, it has a few slight problems so i am going to cast a master copy in latex and then make a master mold for this mask. I think i will be able to do a lot with this mask so i would like to make many copies and having a one piece mold will save lots of time in the future.

I will post more on this and more as i get things finished.


Here are some of the masks i finished painting recently.

Some sculptures

Spray paint art

Here are some spray paint paintings i just started trying and out. I think the results turned out pretty good especially since it is a very fast medium. Each of these were done in less than fifteen minutes.

Starting a blog

I have been trying to start a blog, but haven't found the time and haven't gotten around to it so here it is. I thought i would start with just some pics of some of the work i have done recently.

Here are a couple of drawings i worked on. The alien is pencil, the clown is ballpoint pen.

Below are a few airbrush pictures i finished.