Friday, May 1, 2015

Having the Chance to mentor a lost soul.

     Recently i feel i have been blessed to see a transformation that has touched me. Personally i feel i have always been that person that is willing to help out if possible. Especially when it is in my field of interest. Through my course of learning up to this point i have been fortunate for the opportunities to pick up tips from great people and artists around me. For this reason i have always been open and willing to share the tips and techniques i have acquired.

     I have had some artists tell me thanks! This worked for me or saved my piece! this helped me out so much! These responses always inspire me to keep sharing but mentoring someone and seeing a full transformation  that has only just begun is very new to me. Something that i can honestly look at and personally be inspired by. A close friend has been able to confide in me and made some major changes in her own life to better herself. Coming from a dark place and feeling the walls closing in to finding that 1 candle that was still lit to help guide her through the shadows. Realizing that her life is worth something to her and would be a wast to end it. Pushing forward i was able to help her re discover her passions. Passions for art, creativity, and a new material for self expression in sculpting.

    It all started as something fun. An interesting way to create some new characters and creatures. It started out with her favorite monsters until she was able to create her own designs. There was a little resistance and struggle at first, but diving into her emotions and using her life as a driving force she continued. She was able to take her hurts and struggles and translating them in clay became therapeutic for her. A way to wind down and get things off her chest.

     Now as she continues to grow i have taken a look at where she has come from compare to today and i cant help but be inspired. Not only is it gratifying to know that i was able to be a part of this, but seeing her strength she is able to contain in such a small being has pushed me to do better and be the best that i can be.

     I have witness and very pretty rose bud struggling to stand straight in the dirt, start to spread her roots and begin to blossom. A flower truly on her path to a full blossom. I will continue to be there to keep you on track, push you in the right direction and make sure you don't go off track or start to wilt.

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