Sunday, June 11, 2017

Escape your Mind and Go after your Dreams!

Have you ever felt the chains tightening and pulling you down?

You get lost in your own mind and your thoughts mix with logic to form chains and locks that tighten and hold you down. The demons inside you start to block you and disguise the exits so you are unable to escape. Your mind has turned against you and your thoughts are blocking your actions.

     The Key will be to try to shut your brain down. Don't think just start moving. Go out and do something for you, have fun and enjoy life. You may make some mistakes but even with the mistakes you will be improving yourself. Remember that you can't edit or improve upon a blank sheet of paper, something must first be written. It is better to be moving and finding your way rather than laying around rotting and wasting your life.

     So How do you do this? How do you escape or find the Key?  I believe you have to discover that passion inside of you. Find that fire inside that shines bright and makes all your troubles go away. Let this light be your lantern that will help you to escape the darkness inside. Only you can create the fuel that ignites the flame so don't let the darkness and your personal doubt blow it out.

Shine bright and go after your Dreams!

Stop thinking about it and go out there and Do It!

     I have discovered my lost key and i will no longer allow myself to be locked inside of my own mind anymore. I will not be defeated by own inner monsters and self. This week I will escape! I will shut off my mind the best I can and go into pure creation mode. Leaving my logic behind in a scheduled meeting time. It will no longer take hold of my every move and thought. I will no longer be held back by it.

I will find and harness my Freedom!

Thank you for reading,

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