Friday, January 30, 2015

13 Days of Jason

Its time to get creative!

     Wasn't 100% ready for this one but the calendar has chosen. Next month is a month with Friday the 13th which also happens to be my birthday. So i will be taken on this new challenge before i get another year older.

     Jason is one of those icons that i was introduced to at a young age and instantly connected. Something about this guy in a hockey mask that was a result of being born different and being bullied to the point of death. A character that has somehow has so many different looks throughout the different films but yet still holds a very strong sense of continuity and character.

     Next Month i will be taking on this challenge and doing a new sketch everyday! 

I also invite everyone one of you creatives out there to join me. 

I will be on instagram, facebook, and twitter as well as a finishing video on Youtube. So let me see your creative juices and share them with the world using the hashtag #13daysofjason

Stay on the lookout for this wild slasher and stay tuned for my next one that will be following Jason. Little hint: He is Jason's adversary and has searched for and located him to spread fear.

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