Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to get Energized, Motivated, and into Studio Mode - Part 1 - (re-post)

     I have my ideas, my projects to work on, and a time slot on my schedule. Why cant i get into the mood?

     This is an issue i have noticed in many people including myself. I have a schedule i try to keep but sometimes i am just not in the zone. Sometimes i cant figure out why, I have some really exciting ideas to work on but i cant bring myself to get them started. So in the spirit of this these are some tips and tricks to sneak into studio mode and get motivated and creative. These are things i have picked up and modified or created and have worked for me. Hopefully they will assist you as well. Use these as a spring board and get started.

  1. Get started - Tell yourself "i am going to work on this for 30 min./1hr" and go in with that time in mind. Most of the time once you start moving time will slip away and you will just keep going.
  2. Get up and move - A lot of times i am just laying around and my body is too tired to do anything. I know that laying around will just make it worse so try to take a walk or stretch. These small exercises will get your blood pumping so you can get to work.
  3. Take a nap or meditate - This is a trick i learned a while back, turn off the lights and TV and just lay down and clear your mind. Now sometimes i will meditate and clear my head and just focus on something like my breathing. This will free your mind and stress. Other times i think ahead about the projects i will be working on. For me personally just laying there in the dark doing nothing gets me anxious as i cant sit still and do nothing. The key here is to set the alarm for 20-30 min and you should feel refreshed. If you are taking a nap do not go over the 30 min or you will start to drift off into a deeper sleep and will wake up groggy and overtired.
  4. I don't know what to draw - This is another common one, just get started. Let your inner conscious out and just start. If you draw do some sketches or start scribbling until if forms something. For me i sculpt and i will just start with basic shapes until they start to form something i like.
  5. Have a clear goal - This ties into the last one but if you don't know what you are going to do you will either not want to start until you think of something or just start thinking until your head hurts and you cant pick an idea. Have a schedule or a plan ready to go for your time slot.
  6. Learn your prime time - Everyone has a time when they are the most productive. Me i am a night owl and i have found that my prime time is around 8 pm - 1 am. Try to work in those time slots and try to make time for yourself in those time slots. Everyone is trying to find more time to work but the key is to find productive time to work. Every person out there could wake up 1 hour earlier and have an extra hour, but not everyone is a morning person and it may take a full hour to do a task that would normally take 10 minutes. Focus on yourself and take notice of when you are most energized, most awake, and most creative. Try to clear this area in your schedule and use it for your craft.

Well these are a few ideas, Try them out, date the ideas and keep or modify what you like. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the subject. What helps you get into the mode and energized?

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