Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Painting in Layers - (re-post)

See the difference just 1 layer of paint can achieve!

When trying to bring a creature to life take your time, go light and working in layers. Now this all depends on your style and what effect you are going for, but whether a realistic paint scheme or a stylistic one will have a certain formula.

When i create my ideas i always start on paper. I like to know where i am going instead of making it up as i go along. Start with your lighter tones and go deeper and darker as you progress with the paint work. Doing subtle mottling as well as splatter will help you create depth and build highlights. Then as you move on to another color pre plan and think about what this next layer will do? How will this color react to the previous? Painting in layers will be like mixing paint on your bust or project. Layers will give your piece natural depth as well as a variety of colors that will mimic nature and give your work more of a believable and organic essence.

Below is a link to my video of painting Vespertilio
Painting in Layers

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