Saturday, January 10, 2015

Creative Challenges

     What are creative Challenges for me?
     What is my own personal outlook and purpose for them?

     For me these are the warm ups i like to do that get me motivated and ready to work. A sketch i can start with and just let go of the world around me and create whatever my imagination ponders up.

If i come up with an amazing concept, Great!
If i don't, Great! I got a bad idea out or realized a concept wasn't amazing.

     So these are sketches i have been doing for a while now and they have really helped me to grow over the years. I have done them to get me ready for the night and get me started, but i have never done them this way with the pressure and a push. So now i want to work this new idea. Last month i did a challenge for a kickstarter project and i was forced to create 25 concepts in 25 days. Not only did this push me to do it every day but it also pushed me to come up with new concepts. So with those thoughts in mind here it is.

     I will be doing more of these focused challenges that will last for 10-15 days at a time with a  week or two break just so i don't burn out and so i can just do some random free form pieces. Now some designs will be concepts that i will make into new pieces, some will be new monster balls, some will be studies from my favorite artists (like drawing and recreating masterworks), and some will be learning exercises.
     All of them will be fun to see and i want everyone to join in and see what i come up with. Do a few yourself and let me see what you come up with. Join in the conversation and let me know what you think, both good and bad!

So get ready! On Monday i start off with "Klownin Around"

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