Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Haters - Don't worry about the opinions of others - (re-post)

Why worry More about the opinions of others over your own? Is their reaction more important then how you feel when you look and create your art?
You are creating because it is your passion, you LOVE to do it. Create what you want and how you want it. If they love it great, if not it's ok. Keep doing your thing.
  • what others think of you is none of your business
  • If you let them determine and affect your thoughts whose life will you be living? Yours or Theirs?
I have personally learned over the years that there will be two types of people and each will have their yes or no mentality
There are non qualified viewers
  • Their yes you should appreciate and take it as a fan who appreciates your work.
  • Their no usually comes with a negative vibe. They don't appreciate what you can do and they will try to bring you down. These people are toxic, make sure to wear your protective gear around and don't get infected.
Then there are qualified viewers.
  • These yes's will show that they appreciate your work and they will be able to tell you Why they like it.
  • There no's will either be - its not their preference or style or there is something off. Again they will be able to tell you why or what they don't like about it. Listen to their tips then filter it for the meaning of the piece and work on it or keep it in mind for future work. 
  • These kind of people will be open and honest and be able to point out specific issues. Also you will notice that most of them will have a motivation of helping you out, not putting you down and telling you your work is garbage.
In the end learn to identify these viewers and learn how to handle their views. You can't decide how the world will work, but you have total control over how you will react and let it affect you. Bottom line your art is about YOU. Do it for You and your cause.

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