Monday, May 2, 2016

Do you believe in your own success?

Do you believe you can be great? Do you think your brand can be a success?

How do you expect others to believe in you and see greatness when you don't even see it in yourself?

This is a topic i have seen in a few artists. It is also a topic that I saw in myself and struggled with for a while. A personal struggle that I was battling with and still to this day have trouble with at times. One piece is I have a very strong push that keeps me on the lookout and persistence to get better in my craft. Now its true you should always be growing and bettering yourself every day. But it becomes an issue when you cant look at your current step and be happy. Be proud of how far you have come instead of focusing on where you aren't.

Take a moment to look at your progress. 

Take a moment, stop thinking of where you want to be and focus on how far you have come.

Be proud of your journey.

Be proud of your progress

Be proud of your persistence. 

Think about all those roadblocks that got in your way and tried to slow you down and you stood tall and overcame each one.

Keep pushing forward and look deep within yourself. I believe in you and your journey to greatness.

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