Monday, April 25, 2016

More Monster Love!

     Do you Love Monsters and Creatures?

     Do you love the Dynamic they bring and the beauty and the beast concept that seems to appear? I am bringing them back to life in a new concept. Mixing in my own style i have already begun creating, but would like your help in supporting me to continue. What I am making here is continuing a set of wall sculptures cast in resin. Blank or painted and ready to hang. The hearts are approx. 12" x 12"
     As a Bonus i will be recording and doing some demonstrations on the entire process so you will be able to come along for the ride. (I have a few videos of the ones already created but you will get to see behind the scenes to ALL of them)
     So for your help and support you will be able to choose between these pieces I create. The Frankie and Bride piece as well as Creature and Kay have been created already. The Morticia and Gomez is in the works, and the ones I plan to create in this project are as follows - Freddy and Nancy, Myers and Laurie, Jason and Mommy, Wolfman and Gwen.
     For a Couple of Stretch goals If I am able to reach $1200 I am also interested in Creating Chucky and Bride as well as Herman and Lilly Munster.
Check it out Here - Monster Love




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