Monday, May 30, 2016

Are you living with a purpose

Are you living for something?
Are you living with a purpose?

Or are you just drifting through life? Like a leaf in a river, you can be here and stay afloat but the flow of the water determines your movement. The forces outside of your control are pushing you in a  specific direction and you do not have the tools or strength to fight it. (Now you will also want to surround yourself with a community or "river" that pushes you in the direction you want to go.)

Dig Deeper, down to your core there is something that is moved by an issue or idea. Try to find that spark that makes you come alive. You may have a big strong one or you may have a few little fires. Pick these up and nurture them. Hold them close and let them grow for these are precious gems that give your life purpose. And from this purpose you will be motivated, inspired, energized.... YOU will be ALIVE and you will be read to do that thing that your passionate about and lights you up.

For me I am inspired by seeing others reaching their potential and fighting for their goals. I like to be surrounded by other creatives that are Doing! With that I am very interested in being part of that movement and being an icon that can help to motivate and inspire others to live their lives with purpose. I want to make art that makes and impact and have a presence that inspires.

Now with that mentioned I am also very interested in helping others in need. One of the hardest things to learn and really embrace was that we cant save the entire world and we shouldn't try to. However we can make a difference, even the smallest donation or show of love can mean the world to someone. The key is to get connected to something that really means something to you. You will make more of an impact when you really believe in a  cause as opposed to sending a couple bucks to every other charity you see.  I have a soft spot for children and I am touched by seeing those in hospitals and those suffering really breaks my heart. So for this deep feeling I have as well I am motivated to try harder and be my very best so I can make an impact on those families that I am able to support.

Please don't take this as a push to support a specific cause or to follow what I believe. I really want you to look deep down and be aware of your own feelings and what moves your heart. What gets you excited and really pumped to go out there and do?

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