Monday, May 16, 2016

Understanding your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses.

Understanding your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses.

  One of my current struggles is that I understand that doing more isn't a guarantee for more fruit, and
I also know that sometimes its better to spend more time on a piece and refine. But the issue is I understand myself and I know what I am good at and what I enjoy the most. I am a concept artist, I like the building and pushing the forms. I also really enjoy the overall shape and expression, but once the character is figured out and there I get bored and don't want to keep refining and get into the fine details.

There are 2 types of character designers, I am the artist that can turn out hundreds of sketches and different characters but can rarely sketch the same one over again. Not the other artist that can take 1 character and draw it over and over refining it, testing the wardrobe doing different variations and making the character the best it can be and creating a deeper character.

I understand my strengths and sometimes I struggle with looking towards what others are doing but I hold onto tight about what it is that I like and enjoy and I am aware of what I do not enjoy.

The key is to be know your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses. Sometimes weaknesses are areas you may want to improve on but other times they are spots that lead you a stray and in a different direction your trying to go.

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