Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This is a bulls eye or a target right?

Do you you know how to win?

Of course we have learned the rules and know where we need to hit and we practice our aim over and over again until we hit it.

But what if it wasn't that simple? What if it was your turn but you were not sure what to do or where to throw. Would you ask for help?

This is something that most of us struggle with on a  daily basis. In our lives and especially in the lives of creatives we are not really sure about what our targets are. We are trying to build something without truly finding our ground and thinking about the path to the finish and where we want to be a few years down the road. Whats even more amazing is that if we are playing a game we will ask for the instructions and help, but in life we feel we need to run alone. 

Now i know we have to learn a lot on our own but there is no shame in learning and running with a pack, friends can help push us farther that we ever dreamed for ourselves. We go to teachers and mentors for learning techniques and specifics but most of us don't look for mentors to guide us in our lives.

Really think about what you want for yourself and where you would like to go. Then push for it. 

A target is easier to hit when you know where your aiming!

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