Sunday, December 20, 2015

Have you ever wanted to learn how to save or reproduce your Sculptures?

Creation is something that has always been very fun and interesting to me. I love creating my own characters and creatures and being able to really bring them to life. But what happens after i make it? Where do i go from there?

I have created a new video to help you mold and cast your new piece of art that you have created. Now i do have a few time lapses and videos on my Youtube channel that show you the process but what i created here is very in depth. I go on to describe the entire process of making a silicone mold, doing a plaster jacket, then rotocasting in resin and backing with foam. I do this for 2 pieces so that i could share the differences for molding a wall plaque and for doing a character bust statue. A total of 5 videos that run approx 2 hrs 45 min

Highlighting using rebound 25 silicone, comparing that to mold star 20T, the brush on method, casting with smooth cast 325 as well as some tips along the way.

Find it here along with my other video tutorials -

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