Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Inspiration from Finding neverland

I watched Finding Never-land the other day and was inspired by the idea and message. 

What happens when you let your imagination run wild? True and free without a leash. You are no longer tied down by the rules of the real world, Your dreams are not contained in a box. You don't allow yourself to be held back by anything.

When we follow our passions and let our imaginations run wild we create our own fresh new path with mysterious wonders around every corner. Nothing but fresh clean air to fuel our travels. This is the path that was meant for us, an open Journey for us to discover. Unfortunately over the years fear and society has tried to pull the plug on this dream for most of us. They have injected the feeling of safety within a corporate position. The sense of norm you feel as one of the sheep in the herd. And then when we fall victim we get trapped, captured by society and the normal.

I don't want to be ordinary, I want to be extraordinary. I want to let my imagination run wild and be free. 

The possibilities are endless and should not be contained or held back. 

Go out there and be YOU!

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