Friday, February 6, 2015

Finding the Value in every situation

Do your best to find that one small jewel in the pile of dirt or locate that one untouched piece of wood from a massive fire. It makes the whole event and time spent worth it.

     A few years back i attended a convention that wasn't "amazing". It had a nice look and decorations but the location wasn't fit for the show and the advertising was slim. Overall it wasn't looking good, with the table cost, an expensive hotel, more tolls tallied up (both too and from), plus the greatest part was only a few guests actually knew about it and showed up. It was one of those times when everything seems to be going down and the outlook isn't pretty.

It's in these times that we must focus more on that sliver of light when your locked in a dark basement.

     For me at this show, it was making some new friends. Jason and Alanna along with the Monster Dolls troupe made the show for me. They are an amazing dance troupe from Ohio led by Alanna with there masks and makeup by Jason at Killer Design. They were there to perform at the show and were having their own set of troubles because of the setup and schedule of the venue. Being in their masks and ready to go on time and then not going on stage until almost an hour later. Despite all of this we still had a good time and made the best of the situation. We were not going to let a bad show give us a horrible weekend.

Make sure to find these nuggets. The situation wont get better from complaining and  self pity

    Then take this into the future and it was from this meeting that i also spawned my line of Alter-Ego Portraits and have learned so much from doing them. Thanks to starting with Frankie Doll and creating a bust i was able to learn a few faults i have in my own work. My eyes were originally too large for a likeness piece as i normally have more of a cute and creepy style to my work. Frankie Doll also allowed to step away from the idea of "This is a Likeness" and allowed me to trick my mind into thinking "This is just another Monster."

A slight shift in my thinking and i was now allowed to cool down and let go of the stress of a LIKENESS

Then to take it a step further it gave me a base and a blank canvas to jump into other new and exciting ideas. So please take a moment and think about this the next time you are in a situation you are not completely happy with and instead of getting yourself down search for the beauty in the mud.

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Kellie Boda said...

Nice work! I've experienced situations like that. And it's true what ya said, the situations does not get better with complaining or self pity. Just make the best of what ya got and what's around! Some of my funnest moments were in some sad set ups like you described :) Awesome job on the busts!