Friday, February 20, 2015

The Importance of a Mentor and what i have learned

The Importance of having a Mentor and what it has done for me. 
 Having someone to look up to and guide me has been an integral part of my learning curve, especially recently. When your growing up you look towards your parent as well as your friends. You learn right and wrong along with how you should act. In school you look towards your teachers to grow as a person. Why does that change or stop after we become "adults." Regardless of our age, each one of us will constantly be in a state of learning.

Once that learning stops the brain shuts down and You STOP living, You STOP growing and You STOP expanding.

     Having someone to look up to that i can trust and share with is like having a coach. Someone i have respect for as a person as well as an artist for his view of life and his time management ethics. I have had numerous teachers and instructors as well as friends and fellow artists and i have learned a lot and have taken in a lot. However i have had the most help and insight in the last year with the Mentor ship from Noah. Noah and Terry from Noah University have been coaches that i look up to and respect for who they are. Noah has  an inspiring look on life, strong time management ethics, as well as amazing abilities in his craft. Terry has had some great ideas and the communication and management of Noah U has been amazing.
    At this moment i have been in this mentor ship for 11 months and it has been crucial in my learning curve. Noah has a way of teaching and inspiring creatives that digs into a  deeper purpose for creating and living. He has helped me dig into my childhood and learning where my sparks come from. What it is that gets me fired up. He has also helped me with my time management and facing my fears.

Standing face to face with my inner demons without flinching!

I have learned to keep moving forward and never stop.

A good mentor is a person you can look up to and be inspired from. They are also someone who will be honest with you and will not only compliment your strength but will also point out your flaws and challenge you to do your best. Not only in your art and creativity but in your life as well.

Look towards those around you and learn as much as you possibly can.

Don't forget to Dream!  _ Noah Elias

Thank you Noah and Terry for your support!

The images above are Noah's "Grab your crash Helmet" along with my fan art sketch.

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Kellie Boda said...

Dude!!!!! This is freaking awesome!!! You hit the nail dead on with this one! I could not agree with you more about Noah and Terry. I'm only in my 7mth of the program so it fuels me and gets me really excited to see and hear from students like yourself ahead me. This is so cool! Great work on the bust as always and great post Brian! LOVE IT!

Robin Galindo said...

You are 100% right! Having someone to look up to, turn to, lean on is crucial in this life. Noah and Terry have made a huge difference in so many already. Great job, you are doing phenomenal!

Robin Galindo said...

Great job! You are 100% right! We need someone to look up to, turn to, lean on in this life. You are doing phenomenal!

Kevin Scott Jacobs said...

Brian ,love this man,so inspiring!!