Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A vicious mind cycle


     Have you ever had that problem where your mind just seems to run away from you. Like its running in circles thinking about a million and one things and you can't for the life of you grasp onto what your actually thinking about. Then as a result you automatically try harder to figure it out. Now your in a state of thinking hard trying to figure out what your thinking about and it gets you frustrated and upset that you cant figure it out. Its like reaching into a power ball machine and trying to grab a specific number blind folded.

This is a vicious cycle that unleashes in my mind and is a constant demon that i must face.

     A small section works with my analysis paralysis issues that reside in my mind. Teaming up for more strength to hold their ground! So key is really to try to pinpoint what is setting you off and what is the last brick that tipped you over the edge. (At least that's what everyone tells you right?) Well just think about the problem and take it one baby step at a time.

"HAVE YOU BEEN LISTENING! I have been trying to figure that out for the last 3 hrs."

     I'm sorry but at this moment i still don't have an answer, so if anyone else is struggling with similar demons all i can say is your not alone. For me the best way to combat this evil within is to work on your passion. Use your strongest inner ally and stand him toe to toe with your fiercest demon. Find what it is that you are truly passionate about and just unleash it. For me that's sculpting. I will have to do something fresh and create a new character expressive character. A lot of moving the clay and discovering new monsters helps me to overcome my battles and release my mind.

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