Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A day where Procrastination Sneaks In

     Recently i sort of had one of those days. A day where my procrastination kicks in more than usual teaming up with my analysis paralysis and another personal demon which i still cant name or even picture. I had one of those days where you have plans but you seem to think about them all day. Not necessarily excited and giddy but just keeping them on your mind and making you watch the clock. I had somewhere i needed to be around 6 pm but yet it weighed on me all day and i got nothing done. Now i can usually fill in the gaps and do other things, but every so often i get caught in that struggle that pulls me down. I get stuck in a state where i constantly think about the time and the time i have left. My mind gets filled with "OK i have to leave in 5 hours, OK i have 4 hours left until i have to go."
     My mind seems to get so overwhelmed i cant even focus on anything else. When i try to take my mind off of it my mind just goes blank. Then later on i get a little upset and frustrated because i wasn't able to accomplish the things i wanted to.
     A constant struggle as i face my demons, but here are a few tips i try to keep in mind and put to use.

  • Find that thing that you are crazy passionate about and just dive in and do it. For me when i get into the groove and start concepting i can drift away and live in my own peaceful little world.
  • set a schedule or a time limit. Some of the big things that need to get done just set a  timer and work on them for 30 minutes to 1 hour
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1 comment:

Mike said...

Dude, thanks for posting this. Sometimes when I get trapped by procrastination I feel like the only one. Or, like somethings wrong with me, or maybe I'm not really passionate about what I'm working on. It's so good to know we all fall into it.

The one thing I find that helps the most is music.