Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to sculpt Faster!!!

"How can i get faster?"
a question i have heard quite a few times

"WOW you sculpted that in only a few hours!"
"Yes i did, but i also practiced for countless hours over the course of 10 years to be where i'm at."

I love it when some kids come up and ask how to sculpt faster. Like there is a special trick or pill to unlock the trick. Like maybe i spend extra hours at the gym so that i can move my arms faster!


I don't work quicker than i use to because my arms have somehow mutated and are now super-humanly faster then they use to be. I just learned my anatomy and forms so that i place the clay in the place it needs to be and i don't have to keep re working it. I have done the process over and over again so that its second nature and it helps to push the designs quicker. 

There is no magical tool or key to unlock speed and bypass hard work.

Stop thinking about it, START DOING!

Now go practice!!!

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