Monday, August 24, 2015

Some inspiration, unfiltered and let go

      It is OK to be human. I have been given a gift and this gift must be shared with the world. Are you going to be selfish and keep it to yourself? Or let the evil in to distract you from where you are suppose to be going? Are you willing to let this failure derail you from your true goals and passions?

Or are you going to use it as a spring board to catapult farther. Jump into the future with big beautiful wings that will carry me for generations. So strong and unfaltering that even the most powerful demons cannot touch me. A force so strong it creates thunder and shock-waves across the earth. An amazing event and movement that touches the hurts of this world. I will do better.

I will become the best person i can
I will not waste my god given talents
I will not be temped by demons
I will not be consumed by fear
I will hold my head up tall and stand my ground
I will become the person i was meant to
I will chase my dreams and i will keep fighting
I will become ME!
and i will NEVER allow myself to be someone else!

Each of you is an original that cannot be duplicated. Don't settle for anything less than that!

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