Friday, August 14, 2015

On the Path to Consistency

      I am on my own personal journey, a path towards improving myself and becoming the best i can be. One of the biggest things i am working towards at this moment in my brand is consistency. I can get things done when they need to be completed, but for some reason after i get things set up and planned i run into problems. I will do the first 1 or 2 and then the trail seems to get blurry and go cold before it disappears all together. Now personally my biggest issue is marketing and emails, but people struggle with this in all areas of life. My problem mixed with my very analytical mindset i have developed my own personal system and schedule. I have set up my time to be structured and  a set of checklist to be crossed off.

Here is how most people think their road to success looks like ...

a clear path set in black and white with a clear destination in sight.

Then they get overwhelmed when the actual road they need to follow looks like this ...
OR This ...

Filled with curvy windy roads, big hills, small bumps you don't see until you hit them, and sometimes even fog and unflattering scenery.

     Most get lost immediately and abandon their dreams. However the biggest and most important puzzle pieces i feel everyone needs to utilize is the mindset to accept change and to embrace it. FACE IT! sometimes this thing called "Life" happens. You have the choice of being hard and blaming yourself for not getting something done or forgiving yourself. When these things come up be flexible and just switch the task to a new day or time frame, maybe stay later. The key is to acknowledge that you are in training and that you are working towards perfection.

I will constantly be learning and incorporating new things. My system will change over and over again. Take some time and appreciate you. Your own road to growth and sometimes you have to make a few pit stops before you get to your destination.

"Be Flexible on your Journey to your Future. Sometimes you have to make pit stops and slight detours, just never lose sight of your destination."

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