Monday, August 17, 2015

My Own Personal Frankenstein

     It is OK. 
I am a broken man. 
A group of pieces that have been stitched together to create a whole.
 A creature that has been built. 
Small bits of flesh added here and larger bones added there.

Is this a disgusting figure?

No this is a beautiful creature! 
This is simply me deciding who I am currently. Taking the sections of the bone that are poisoned and replacing them with stronger and more healthy bones. I do not want to be a fake or a show off by replacing with a platinum or silver bone. I have no interest in becoming something i am not. i will not be a person that i was not created to be.

     I will constantly be learning new things and i will be on the look out to better myself on a daily basis. Every new skill or learning experience will be a new section that i will add to myself. A new section to stitch on and connect. Every new day will be a new day for me. I will keep my head to the clouds and my eyes past the stars. The universe will show me the way as well as enlighten me as i continue to grow. I will continue on my own journey and creating my own path. I wont follow in footsteps but rather create my own and become my own leader.

Keep pushing forward and always strive to be yourself and the best version of yourself!

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