Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Escaping my mind

Trying to Escape my Mind

Have you ever tried to escape your own Mind?

It is a terrifying nightmare all on its own.

With so many inhabitants and voices coming from every direction. A creepy labyrinth, really dark and chilly. With every corner watched by a guard .... some type of ugly creature that growls every time i sneak a peak in his direction. I try to be silent. I try to be still. But every time i come close something new interferes, a new thought emerges and it clouds my judgement.

There it goes, even as i write this my mind is running in some sort of crooked circle. A few new images and stories have passed by and have tried to steal my attention.

I have chosen that i will not give up, 
I will not give in. 
This is my time and i wont let anything get in my way. This is the goal, the game plan, the task. I know and understand that this will take some time but i need to take control. Stop zoning out, don't let your eyes close. Dig your feet into the ground and as that trigger is pulled just take off, shoot for the finish line. 

Just make sure that finish line is your own and not someone else's

Get out of your head and be you.

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