Monday, July 24, 2017

Make your creativity a Priority!

 Clock in and Clock out!

    This new creative venture is your dream, your true passion, and yet we do not put a priority on it. Our main goal is to live  our life correct and full? So put some priorities on how you spend it.

    Every day we go to our "day job." You know that place that just covers the bills so we can do what we want to on the side. That job we show up on time, we work, we take our breaks, and we also clock out on time. For the most part at least, so why can't we follow the same structure for when we create and follow our passions?

-Start the day doing something you love, even it its just for a few minutes.
-Decide on what's really important and set a deadline to go into the studio. Ex. I am going into the studio from 8-9 tonight, the hardest part is getting started. After you start you'll find you get lost and don't want to stop
-Find something that gets you motivated and in the mood. I put on my headphones and they cut off the world. Do you like to stand or dance while you work? Do you play movies in the background? Go outside at a  park or the woods. Find a way to kick yourself in gear and get yourself moving.

Please let me know if this had helped or if you have any questions. Leave a comment and let me know if you need help with this topic.

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