Friday, July 21, 2017

Get lost in your True Imagination


     True imagination and the world of fantasy lies just behind the eyes of a child. In a special place that has been untouched by the ways of the world and the society that surrounds us. They don't have anything holding them back. No filters, they just say what's on their mind and come up with the most outrageous stories you have ever heard.

     As we get older we start getting rules imprinted into our minds. We are told how to hold a pencil, how to color inside the lines, how art should look or the right techniques to use. Little by little true creativity and imagination is chipped away and drilled out of us.

    Dig back into that childlike wonder forget about the way you should or are suppose to do and create without a specific agenda. Let your subconscious take over and have fun in every moment.

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