Friday, July 28, 2017

Do you Celebrate your wins or take yourself out?

     Are you celebrating your wins? Do you know how to celebrate your wins? 

This was something I have always struggled with, but I have learned it is important.

Whenever you reach your goal or take an important step in the right direction it's a good practice to enjoy it. Do something for yourself and appreciate what you have done. Appreciate why you are doing it and what you have accomplished. Not only will this feel good, but it will also encourage and inspire you to do better in the future. In the back of your mind you are being rewarded for doing and accomplishing your tasks and goals.

     It doesn't have to be anything big or insane but sometimes even the little things do help to keep you going. A small token or even a small donation towards a larger goal can make a big impact.

     I think this is an area everyone struggles with, myself included. Try it out and see if it works, watch how it changes your motivation and inspiration.

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. What kind of artist dates do you take yourself on?

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