Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Are you Overwhelmed with Sadness? - inner demons series

Here is Frank - "Overwhelming Sadness"

Sometimes it's not the tears that fall from our eyes that hurt, it's the ones inside that stain the soul. With our insides being consumed we see our inner flame flickering and ready to go out. We feel our bodies starting to fall apart, stitches start popping at the seams. Sections of us begin to sag and fall off. All while we put a big smile on our face for the world to see as the battle is fought inside.

You are not alone, You are surrounded by people that are rooting for you to become the best version of YOU! When times get tough remember to take care of yourself, keep feeding your flame with your passions. If your flame is strong you will be capable of igniting the world around you, if it blows out you may become the wind that blows out everyone else's flame.
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