Friday, August 29, 2014

My Alter-Ego

What is your Alter-Ego? 
This is mine and the story behind the name.
Welcome to Alter-Ego-Dezines

     The original idea came to me a while back sitting and thinking about my work. At times I would have the same issue as so many of us artists out there. 
  • What should i draw? 
  • What should i sculpt? 
  • What character or creature can i bring to life? 

These were the issues that spawned an entire new way of creating. I realized that i was thinking way too much with my logical brain and not letting any air to my creative being. My works were being filtered by a very judgmental organism. Draining the juices so much from my ideas that they would begin to dry up. How could i get past this barricade and break down the gate?
 Well this is simple, just turn of your brain right? Easier said than done! but i did begin to think less about the projects as i began them. I would start with a ball of clay and just jump in. Letting my creative creature out without any blinders on and free to roam wherever he wished. As the clay began to move and new forms began to appear i would see the character being born. New ideas would arise and from that their story and being would develop. Like a child growing up, you keep seeing new characteristics and traits that dig deeper into their personality.

This is where my Alter-Ego came from. Now when i work i try to get myself into another place, lose the worries of the world and the troubles around me, drift into my own special place and create from deep within my own subconscious. I don't worry about what am i going to make or what should this look like, i do my best to turn off my brain and just let my creativity flow.

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The Dragon Speak's said...

Love your work!
Great minds never think the same, they come up all ways with some thing new... my hat off to you

Coach Kwang

Alter Egos said...

Thank you