Friday, August 15, 2014

Thinking outside the box

Are you trying to create something new and original?
     Think outside the box and create something from your imagination. Dig deep into who you are as a person and what it is you are inspired by. Look around yourself, take inspiration from the world around you and use the creatures already around us as a starting point. Start here and then work in your own characteristics, expression, and style. Also you can take a step outside the box and do something totally imaginative. Just start with some crazy ideas and shapes until they start to form something. Don't think as you create, just let your subconscious release its thoughts.
     When i do my free form clay sketches i don't think i just go. I start with my ball of clay and just dialing in shapes. I keep going until something starts to show and i follow it. If it doesn't turn out or i change my mind i just alter the sculpt and move forward. In the end you get an idea out and visualized.

Below are a few examples

This guy was created for a collector based off a few ideas - creature, Halloween, pumpkin, candy corn teeth

This piece was inspired from a fennec fox

 These next two were inspired by Cliff Wallace works and just starting with different shapes to see what comes out.

Finally this "kid in me" piece was based on a portrait and my love for Halloween and horror 

Don't stand in line trying to fit into normal. Be your own person and create your own creations from the heart

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