Friday, August 8, 2014

Introducing my Inner Demons

Here is some progress on my New Inner Demons line. This is an idea i have been thinking about for a long time, these are two of my personal demons. I feel that everyone has their own personal demons, bad habits, or things they would like to get rid of or improve upon. Its part of being human, we are consumed with flaws. Differences are what set us apart and make each one of us individuals. Each one of us choose how we handle what is thrown our way.

First up is my Analysis Paralysis demon and my Procrastination demon. Two evils that have been lurking in my subconscious tempting my actions and persuading my thoughts. These two creations were created as monuments that i can face. Demons i could stand face to face with, no longer chasing their shadows and hoping to catch up. Now i can stare the monster in the eyes and overcome my obstacles.

Both of these guys have been finished and i am currently molding procrastination.
I will have painted pics to share soon. Let me know what you think, comment below

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