Monday, April 11, 2016

Giving yourself a TIME OUT!

Are you feeling burnt out? Are you getting overwhelmed?

Maybe you need a moment for yourself. Some quiet time to gather your thoughts or even better to just forget about them. I try to make it a habit to give myself 15-20 minutes of quiet time before i start into my studio time. I just lay back and meditate. I try to forget about the troubles of the world and he struggles of life. I don't think about anything, i just let my mind wander as far as it can. My thoughts take off to the clouds and i am at peace.

Seriously though. This practice really does help. For me i let my thoughts go and just focus on my breathing. I close my eyes and see nothing bu blackness.  As i relax i will begin to create images like stars or flying through the clouds but i am call. I get relaxed and then my focus projects come in=to my mind and i start to get excited. My heart starts pumping faster and it almost jumps out of my chest. Then the timers goes off and i am pumper, Energized and ready to go.

Give it a try and see what works for you. Take some time for you and give yourself a TIME OUT!

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