Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This Is ME!

I am a Creative using my Vision and Gifts to Impact and Inspire others to be yourself and follow your dreams.

This is me and who i am!

I uploaded a video version here.

     With a new year started I wanted to take a moment and re-introduce myself. This year has just been planned out so here I am going to lay out who I am, what I am about and how you can see me and my creations.

So I have got something special for you here. A look into the studio and a peak into the future. This year will be a year of Creation, a year of me sharing my sould and ppuring everything i can into you.

The Brands have been discovered and now they will begin to flourish and I think I have a little something for everyone. So please enjoy and let me know what you think.

I will be pouring everything i got into the Art of Creation. A new teaching and video series that will include video tutorials for purchase as well as free tips on YouTube. Really digging into characters and creating concepts, stories, and pushing that expression. I will also be sketching for some new sketchbooks to drop.

My Inner Demons has taken a step back to understand the feel and character and will now leap forward with a lot of new sketches created. I think the story and inspiration for those guys will be amazing and touch so many people on an emotional level and help them to overcome your own personal demons. These Demons will be released in a series early to mid year.

Monster Love pieces will continue, re creating the classics and bringing a new life to icons that haven't been seen. My own versions of the monsters i grew up to love. A new understanding and love for the love they share and my love for their characters. Monster Love will have a new piece coming to life every few months this year.

New artistic Mash Ups will be sketched every Monday and the ones that prosper will be completed. They are little wall plagues to collect and enjoy of your favorite characters splashed together.

Personal Expressions (Not 100% satisfied with name yet) will have some new pieces created but will be worked around the other pie es. These are all animals that express themselves and are meant to inspire you to be yourself.

Personal Angels (still deciding on a name) will be a new series i touch this year. Pieces that are touching and very emotional and will be the pieces to life you up and open your eyes. not necessarily the typical fluffy feathers but mostly the angels we see everyday. That special person that goes out of their way or touches your hear and brings our spirits up. These will be getting sketched and plan to release in a small series right after the Inner Demons.

Misunderstood Monsters will be something I start to play with this year as well. A series that focuses on the strength of my cute and creepy style that has made an impact on collectors. This is a series that I have been thinking about and planning for a long time just haven't found the right time and way to present it, but i feel I have a plan to start with. These will be the classic childhood fear monsters from a different point of view. Take the monster under the bed for example, maybe he isn't hiding under the bed waiting for you to step off and attack. Maybe he is just scared of the light, the dust and allergies give him red  itchy eyes and sneezing which sounds like growls.

Now this is a schedule i am still fighting to keep and pushing myself to stick to, but here is what you can expect for this year.

email newsletters and updates - weekly
New blog posts - every Tuesday and a few Friday posts
Motivational Monday episodes - every other Monday on YouTube
Monday Mash Up - Every monday i will be doing a mash up sketch and i will try to start doing it on periscope

You can find my work on www.alter-ego-dezines.com and www.alteregodezines.storenvy.com and you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and Periscope

Thank you for reading,

If you are interested in hearing more inspiration subscribe to my YouTube and check out my Motivational Mondays every other Monday. Also be sure to look at my new series the Art of Creation where i have videos on how to sculpt and create characters as well as let yourself go and enjoy the process.

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