Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Professor X is SCREAMING at me Again!!!

     Oh my god, these voices are coming after me again! They keep yelling at me! Screaming inside my mind at all of my thoughts! Trying to tear me down.

     Professor X has become very angry and with his powers focused in on me I feel doomed. In a horrible position with a powerless feeling. A war of monsters has decided to adopt my brain as a battlefield for their new fight. Being beaten and trampled on as my own thoughts and ideas run in circles trying to find a way out, but every exit has been blocked.

What do i do? 
Can i find a way to stand up against this attack? 
I must fight back, but how?

     There it is! I have found it! My own little Magneto helmet. Now i have finally discovered my own little secret weapon that works for me. I stare the Professor in the eyes as i use all my strength and urge to pick up my headphones. Without blinking and keeping my eyes locked on his I slide them on.

Wow its amazing! The voices begin to disappear, like a wall wiping them away as i put them on.

Now I'm Free!

     Of course the tunes i put on also play a big role, but just the act of and feeling of the headphones does it for me. I have to use the big over the ear ones, but I love them. Putting them on feels like i am cutting out the entire world. I'm all alone in my own little world, free to move about as i please. No voices screaming at me and no distractions. My own little slice of heaven formed into a dream in a peaceful place all my own.

This is now my time. My time to execute my craft and dive into my passions.

Whats holding you back? 
What are your solutions for fighting back?

Thank you for reading and please leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts. Also please share this with anyone who is fighting their own battles. Every one of us is facing that being in the mirror and struggling to stay ahead of the game and staying on track with our dreams.

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